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I kinda



YunSuMin = Smexx...
And you know it ♥

I kinda

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I kinda...got into a car accident today....
I wasn't hurt or anything, but still quite shocked..
We (as in my mom dad and me) were at a crossing and stopped when another car hit the back of our car...
So yeah, my neck's kinda sore, but that's about it.

Still it was kind of weird. It happened really quickly and it's over before you know it, but still I keep on thinking about it...

Myeah, well that was about the most 'spectacular' part of my weekend... yay...

Celebrated my bro's birthday today.. Kind of normal... We showed our family some pics from disney and stuff... While playing THSK's Proud on the background... And I saw some of my relatives move along with the music >D! Teehee...


Next week's gonna be a pwetty busy week... Monday and Tuesday will be pretty normal. But Wednesday I'll be in Antwerpen (belgium) with school. Thursday morning -> dentist and afternoon, some kind of light show (again with school)... and then friday 2 hours of class and then off to meeting Chris in town...

I also note that it's the 14th now.. and the 15/16th the All about dongbang dvd will be shipped~ So I should have it during Autumn break...
Which is a good and a bad thing, since I should be studying for my Biology exams .... GAH..
I just saw the 3rd preview too, I think I'm gonna die watching those DVD's..

Also I'm getting more money XD YAY... Yesterday it was my cousin's birthday and we brougth home my grandma. And I brought her 'all the way to the door'... which is , not really that far lol.. But anyway she liked me so much for doing it that I'm getting 50Euro's for it... LOOOL
I even told her not to, but she's stubborn like that XD

Hmmm I see I haven't posted here in about a month.. Not much has happened though. The party for my parents 25year anniversairy (which included 3 days of Disneyland). Let's see.. Oh I got the 2nd FITB TOUR DVD.. Which was to die for XD I watched rewatched and rerewatched XD I died so much at Minnie's comments and the stupid being called JunSu.
And of course, being a YunSu fangirl, I squealed at Ho groping Su...
I also showed my mom 'Proud' live (she loves that song) and she 'awhhhhhhl-ed' at YunHo TEEEHEE!! She said Jae was a very good singer, and when JunSu started crying she went "OH here he goes!"... lol...

Ah, I also talked to my mom about the whole 'window-incident' and she said she wasn't blaming me.. I can't whole hartedly believe her yet, but I think we're getting somewhere =)

Now I'm thinking of stuff to write, I feel stupid for not updating for a month and not even have anything to tell. I guess my life isn't really busy XD... it's mostly thinking about how I am gonna get through school lol... Lots of music and Femke...

Ah which brings me to the twins! YunMin and Keiko.. They've finally gotten names.. And they're soooo cute... When YunMin doesn't eat (which is a lot) he sleeps... and Keiko is very cute when she sleeps XDDD
Ho's a real daddy already <3~!

Hmm yeah anyway I think I'm ready for quiting for today,,, it's getting late, and I'm pretty tired... I finally have a busy week ahead of me though... I can't wait to go to Antwerpen ... It's gonna be so much fun ^^ ... Reminds me of the Ieper or Amsterdam days =P


Hmm.. Oh and I saw waifu posting a fic of which she wasn't sure where to post... I guess I could do the same..
I wrote it while I was angry during my holidays in Mallorca (spain) and it's death (when is it not?).. Well anyway the main char (ChangMin) has already died and it has past MinSu and it's hinting at YunSu(hosu),, I just don't know what genre to give it... So help is very welcome~!<3
I don't know what to think of what I've written now that I re-read it... It has kind of a weird feeling to me, though at the time in my head it seemed completely logical XD
PS To waifu: I'll read yours tomorrow babe

Author: yunie133  
Band: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: Past MinSu and mentions of starting YunSu
Rating: PG13 for a dead char?
Genre: Seriously have no idea?
Disclaimer: I don‘t OWN anybody, this is fiction blahblahblah
Notes: I tried something new... As in the perspective. I was on vacation, angry with my family, locked myself up in my room.. And this came to me. All I want to say is sorry... ONESHOT/Unbeta-ed

I want him back.

You see a man in his mid-thirties placing a lone white rose on top of the grave.
Along with the rain his tears landed on top of a gravestone reading:
Shim ChangMin
Never forgotten. Always Loved.

The body underneath that layer of dirt had only reached the age of 31 years and had died four years ago in a car accident.
The man now kneeling down in front of the grave had been in the car with you. But the drunken driver had smashed his car into the drivers side. That’s were you were seated.
You were killed instantly, no last words towards your love, no matter how much  you had wanted to.

It’s been four years since that night, and still he visits you quite often. You see him on all the members birthdays, new years day, Christmas, the day you first met, the day you debuted, the day of your first date, the day you died...
He still couldn’t let you go. And you could read him enough to figure out that he was no step further in life than four years ago.

You can also feel the presence of another man whenever your love is here to ‘see’ you, it’s YunHo.
He will never know how grateful you are that he’s taking care of the one you love most for you.

After you died JunSu broke down. For months he did nothing but cry and visit you. He only ate when he was forced.
His body was alive but your Su was buried ten times over.

At that time YunHo made JunSu move in with him. He took Su away from the, at that time, hurtful memories of your house.
The older man made sure JunSu would eat properly and you could see JunSu cry a bit less everyday.

Now, four years later, they still live in YunHo’s house. Your love is still in the process of letting you go and YunHo can’t leave him to fend for himself in this state.

Besides, you know your YunHo-hyeong well enough to see the love he has for JunSu shine in his eyes.

The both of them have a lot more creases and wrinkles around their eyes than they had back when you were alive.
You guess it comes with crying so much.

At first when you saw YunHo holding JunSu, the two of them crying together until they both fell asleep, you felt a pang of jealousy in your heart. You still had to let go your Su as well.
In time you did. Somehow, someday , your SuSu would have to move on, and you’d rather let him be loved by YunHo than by any other being.

So now as the days went by, you only hoped for JunSu to move on. To see the love in Yunho’s eyes and to trust his heart to love once again.

You wish you would have read more books on spirits so you would know how to make signs to living beings.
You would love to pop up in front of him and tell him to let go, to move on.
Though on the other hand, if you were to do so, he would probably be scared, have a relapse and go back to crying non-stop.
Your stupid Su. You laughed a little.

The other man had now joined your love at your grave and payed his respects to you.
You know that he must be in pain too.
You were his ‘little brother’ after all. Besides that, knowing YunHo, he must be feeling guilty about his feelings.

AH!! This was so frustrating. Why can’t you just pop in front of them and tell them.
At that time you felt as if you could feel rain falling through you. You felt as if you were actually ‘standing’ on the soil beneath your two feet.

You pushed your luck a bit and tried to speak. Much to your surprise both of them looked up at you. You were the tallest after all.

JunSu quickly rose to his feet and stumbled backwards, his eyes brimming with tears. He backed up straight into YunHo’s firm chest. You smiled a bit.

“Hi Su.”
Maybe it was a bit too casual, but it was your first try.
“Wow, it took me four years to do this, and I didn’t even know I could until, well, until I just did.”
Both stayed silent. You smiled a little wider, you couldn’t even believe it yourself, so how were they supposed to, right?
“JunSu-yah, I’m happy to see you still come here, but you really need to lower the frequency. I love you, you know that, and you love me, I know that too. I can feel it every time you think of me. I feel your hurt, you sadness. But you know Su, I would love to feel happiness and joy when you think of me. I hurt, seeing you like this. You should let go of the dead me, and remember me living. Those were good days, right?”

You see a ‘yes’ leave his lips, though no sounds comes out. You smile wider.

“You know I hate to see you cry, or make you cry. That’s even worse. I’d always announce a tickle-fight remember?”
You see him nod, and you think you see a flash of a sad smile.
“Now I see you cry and I can’t touch, talk or kiss to make it better.”
You’re crying yourself now too, hoping that the rain will cover it up.
“I guess that’s where YunHo-hyeong comes in right?”
The oldest’s head shoots up and you see a flash of fear in his eyes.
“No worries hyeong. I’m not mad at all. On the contrary, I’m so very thankful that you’re helping JunSu. I can see you love him, maybe even as much as I do.”

You can see JunSu turning slightly towards YunHo, the surprise clear on his beautiful face.
“Hehe, maybe he’ll notice soon too.” You hear your voice fade bit by bit. Seems you have said all you needed to say.
“YunHo, thank you.” You both acknowledge each other in one final bow.
Your love notices this is the end and tries to run towards you to hug you, but YunHo has him in his grip. Protecting him from the disappointment of not being able to hug you.
“Innocent SuSu, I love you. Forever. Now live on, show me my real Su. Make me happy.”

With those last words your ability to speak disappears completely. You smile, hoping that YunHo will know how grateful you are.

Next time you see them at your grave again, a full year has passed. They’re holding hands and the sun is shining through white clouds.
As JunSu kneels down he’s smiling and rambling on about everything that has happened since last time.

You look down on him and smile truthfully one last time.
You  have your Su back.

a/n: Yeah I’m sorry...

So I'm really gonna leave now! GNITE!!!<333333333333

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  • Yep it is. In fact, I think I've pretty much decided to not get one.

    Well, I finished reading the chapter I was supposed to read, and I was reading the annotated version, which is an entire book by itself, and then I have to read the chapter over again, hahahaha. This is why I had to drop one of my other classes! XD Being a literature student at my college is not fun...which is why I'm going to transfer and become a Japanese language and literature student. XD
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