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윤수 영원히 ♥~



YunSuMin = Smexx...
And you know it ♥



February 17th, 2009

생일축하해요~ ♥♥♥♥♥
생일케이크를 많이 먹으세요~

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ^.^ 사랑한다♥

December 14th, 2008

준수오빠 생일 축하해요!! 사랑해요!! ♥ 시아준수 화이팅~

Can't say much right now... I'm really busy~ ><;
시험들 start tomorrow... Weeeeeh ><; I dun wanna... But anyway Congrats to our dear SuSubee ♥♥♥♥♥

Mood || Happy ]

August 19th, 2008

It's been a loooong while

Since I've posted here ^^;;

Life's been kinda busy with school previously. I did pass my exams and as of a few weeks ago I'm officially a college girl.. HOMG!

I got my high school diploma with an 7.8 average 0=) but I gave up a lot of DongBang for it.
I'm still not quite up to date but I'm getting there.

Anyway I have started my drivers lessons as well, and they eat up 4+hours every week like, GYAH. Though I haven't had a lesson in 4 weeks now because of my holidays and now because of my instuctor's holidays.
Which is good btw 'cause El Cid (introduction week) has just ended and tomorrow I'm leaving for a 3 day camp with my college mates... that I haven't even all met yet.. But oh well..

I thought I had finally gotten rid of my insomnia, cause I was doing pretty good, but now I'm really tired and I can only sleep 7 hours a day max... *dies* So really I have eyebags that drop to the floor. But I'm hanging in there.

I also have a feeling this year will be quiiiiite busy... And that scares me a little. Even though I reaaaaally wanna start learning Korean S2!

As for my DongBang obsession, it is stiiiill there *manseh!* Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou is playing non-stop and I have just quited drooling over A Week Holiday and the Third Live T .... Like Asu Wa Kuru Kara HANDS DOWN JUNSU!
Yes crybaby!

Well, I think those are the biggest changes in my life in a nutshell. (does that saying work in English as well, it does right?XD)

Ah yeah, my parents are changing the living room exactly in the 3 days that I have camp, so when I come back it'll be different.
And the next room that is to be taken care of is MINE! Muhahhaha I already have thought of an idea to put the hanja (kanji) for Dream on my wall... can't wait!

Oh and silently.... I changed my LJ layout and I totally wub it!

PS: Dutch Cassiopeia FIGHTING! Saturday will be the day (for people that don't know DC, there will be a fanmeeting)...

Myeah that's about it BAIBAI!!!!
Annyeonghi gyesehyo!

Mood || Busy ]

November 14th, 2007

Eureka much?

Haptic, YunSu
I've had some song for ... about...1.5 years now..
I;ve finally found out what it's called and who the artist is....
Plus I found the lyrics.. So yippeh!

자우림 – 17171771
JaURim - 17171771

천사의 미소처럼 새들의 노래처럼
이토록 사랑스런 당신이 좋은 걸요
어서 내개로 와요, 영원히 함께해요.
우리 함께라면 두렵지 않은걸요.
Cheonsaeui misocheoreom saedeuleui noraecheoreom
Itorog sarangseureon dangshini joheun geolyo
Eoseo naegaero wayo, yeongweonhi hamggehhaeyo.
Uri hamggehramyeon duryeobji anheungeolyo.

세상에 단 한사람, 당신,
당신을 만나기 위해 나,
이 세상에 태어난 걸 알고 있나요?
Sehsangeh dan hansaram, dangshin,
Dangshineul mannagi wuihae na,
I sehsangeh taeeonan geol algo ittnayo?

어쩌면 우린 예전부터
이름 모를 저 먼 별에서
이미 사랑해 왔었는지도 몰라요.
Eojjeomyeon urin yeojeonbuteo
Ireum moreul jeo meon byeolehseo
Imi saranghae wasseottneun jido molrayo.

오월의 햇살처럼 시월의 하늘처럼
그렇게 못 견디게 당신이 좋은 걸요.
어서 내게로 와요, 느끼고 있잖아요,
어느새 슬픔이 사라져버린걸.
Oweoleui haetsalcheoreom shiweoleui haneulcheoreom
Geureohgeh mot geondigeh dangshini jocheun geolyo.
Eoseo naegehro wayo, neuggigo ittjanhayo,
Eoneusae seulpeumi sarajyeobeoringeol.

La la la la la la la la la la~
때로 폭풍우 거센 밤에
별에서 찾아 온 악마들이
우리를 갈라놓으려 할 때면
La la la la la la la la la la~
ddaero pogpungu geosehn bameh
byeolehseo chaja on agmadeuli
urireul galranoheuryeo hal ddaemyeon

조용히 서로 마주 앉아
가만히 서로의 손을 잡고
향긋한 낙원을 떠올리지요.
바람은 잦아들고 먹구름 사라지고
햇살이 따스하게 미소 짓고 있네요.
우리 함께 있으면 두렵지 않은 걸요.
악마도 지옥도 검은 운명도,
joyonghi seoreo maju anja
gamanhi seoreoeui soneul jabgo
hyanggeuthan nagweoneul ddeowolrichiyo.
Barameun jajadeulgo meoggureum sarajigo
Haetsali ddaseuhageh miso jijgo ittnehyo.
Uri hamggeh isseumyeon duryeobji anheun geolyo.
Agmado chiwogdo geomeun unmyeongdo,

아가의 살결처럼 소녀의 향기처럼
그렇게 못 견디게 당신이 좋은 걸요
어서 내게로 와요 다 알고 있는걸요.
서로를 위해 우리 태어났잖아요.
Agaeui salgyeolcheoreom sonyeoeui hyanggicheoreom
Geureohgeh mot gyeondigeh dangshini joheun geolyo
Eoseo naegehro wayo da algo ittneungeolyo
Seororeul weuihae uri tae-eonattjanhayo.

천사의 미소처럼 새들의 노래처럼
이토록 사랑스런 당신이 좋은 걸요.
Cheonsaeui misocheoreom saedeuleui noraecheoreom
Itorog sarangseureon dangshini joheun geolyo.

Yep that was it...

Mood || Happeh]

November 9th, 2007

Blehg Nederlands FTW

want ik kan niet nadenken nu... Hoofdpijn ftw?

Btw geen lama's vanavond. *GASP* waarom niet? WK schaatsen...
Welke idioot heeft dat verzonnen? *needs to kill someone*
Daarbij heb ik hongeeeeeeeeer. gotverdomma, waarom moeten die mensen altijd eerst slapen voor dat ze eten, ik heb gewoon op een NORMAAL tijdstip boterhammen op, dat zij nou hele maaltijden nuttigen als lunch kan ik niets aan doen.. jesus.... >.>;;
Dr is geneen normaal gezin wat pas om 8 uur gaat eten ><;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

en ik heb het gehad met school, elke week is er wel een of ander tentamen, ik heb niet is ffe een weekendje waarin ik geen fuck hoef uit te voeren... Pleur al dat gezeik gewoon in de weken die ervoor bepaald zijn, of geef het NIET ><;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
School heeft me zelfs al 5 dagen van LJ onthouden.. which means 5 dagen geen dongbang nieuws of fanfic... Joy to the world... bleh en al 5 dagen geen dvd gekeken.. Enige wat ik overhoud is ffe snel in een pauze van het leerwerk een lamaarchiefje erdoorheen te jassen, maar moet wel snel want m'n boeken wachten op me....

Bleh sorry ik ben een klaagmuur nu... Ik ben gewoon veeeel te moe... en ik weet niet waarom....
Dan kijk ik ook al heel de middag uit naar een uurtje goed lachen en dan gaan ze fuckin schaatsen uitzenden... Like,, wat kijkt nederland nu liever... de hele tijd hetzelfde rondje met mensen die je toch niet herkent want ze hebben allemaal hetzelfde apenpakkie aan... of lama's...
Hmmm laat me nadenken.... ... .... .. . . .. . . . ..  >.>;;;;;

Tralalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T_T....  waarom voel ik me een PMS-ende doos terwijl het daar de tijd nog helemaal niet voor is?
Oh well...
Ik ga kijken of mensen al begonnen zijn met het voorbereiden der voedselvoorziening.... >.>;;

Mood || Moody]

October 14th, 2007

I kinda

I kinda...got into a car accident today....
I wasn't hurt or anything, but still quite shocked..
We (as in my mom dad and me) were at a crossing and stopped when another car hit the back of our car...
So yeah, my neck's kinda sore, but that's about it.

Still it was kind of weird. It happened really quickly and it's over before you know it, but still I keep on thinking about it...

Myeah, well that was about the most 'spectacular' part of my weekend... yay...

Celebrated my bro's birthday today.. Kind of normal... We showed our family some pics from disney and stuff... While playing THSK's Proud on the background... And I saw some of my relatives move along with the music >D! Teehee...


Next week's gonna be a pwetty busy week... Monday and Tuesday will be pretty normal. But Wednesday I'll be in Antwerpen (belgium) with school. Thursday morning -> dentist and afternoon, some kind of light show (again with school)... and then friday 2 hours of class and then off to meeting Chris in town...

I also note that it's the 14th now.. and the 15/16th the All about dongbang dvd will be shipped~ So I should have it during Autumn break...
Which is a good and a bad thing, since I should be studying for my Biology exams .... GAH..
I just saw the 3rd preview too, I think I'm gonna die watching those DVD's..

Also I'm getting more money XD YAY... Yesterday it was my cousin's birthday and we brougth home my grandma. And I brought her 'all the way to the door'... which is , not really that far lol.. But anyway she liked me so much for doing it that I'm getting 50Euro's for it... LOOOL
I even told her not to, but she's stubborn like that XD

Hmmm I see I haven't posted here in about a month.. Not much has happened though. The party for my parents 25year anniversairy (which included 3 days of Disneyland). Let's see.. Oh I got the 2nd FITB TOUR DVD.. Which was to die for XD I watched rewatched and rerewatched XD I died so much at Minnie's comments and the stupid being called JunSu.
And of course, being a YunSu fangirl, I squealed at Ho groping Su...
I also showed my mom 'Proud' live (she loves that song) and she 'awhhhhhhl-ed' at YunHo TEEEHEE!! She said Jae was a very good singer, and when JunSu started crying she went "OH here he goes!"... lol...

Ah, I also talked to my mom about the whole 'window-incident' and she said she wasn't blaming me.. I can't whole hartedly believe her yet, but I think we're getting somewhere =)

Now I'm thinking of stuff to write, I feel stupid for not updating for a month and not even have anything to tell. I guess my life isn't really busy XD... it's mostly thinking about how I am gonna get through school lol... Lots of music and Femke...

Ah which brings me to the twins! YunMin and Keiko.. They've finally gotten names.. And they're soooo cute... When YunMin doesn't eat (which is a lot) he sleeps... and Keiko is very cute when she sleeps XDDD
Ho's a real daddy already <3~!

Hmm yeah anyway I think I'm ready for quiting for today,,, it's getting late, and I'm pretty tired... I finally have a busy week ahead of me though... I can't wait to go to Antwerpen ... It's gonna be so much fun ^^ ... Reminds me of the Ieper or Amsterdam days =P


Hmm.. Oh and I saw waifu posting a fic of which she wasn't sure where to post... I guess I could do the same..
I wrote it while I was angry during my holidays in Mallorca (spain) and it's death (when is it not?).. Well anyway the main char (ChangMin) has already died and it has past MinSu and it's hinting at YunSu(hosu),, I just don't know what genre to give it... So help is very welcome~!<3
I don't know what to think of what I've written now that I re-read it... It has kind of a weird feeling to me, though at the time in my head it seemed completely logical XD
PS To waifu: I'll read yours tomorrow babe

Author: yunie133  
Band: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: Past MinSu and mentions of starting YunSu
Rating: PG13 for a dead char?
Genre: Seriously have no idea?
Disclaimer: I don‘t OWN anybody, this is fiction blahblahblah
Notes: I tried something new... As in the perspective. I was on vacation, angry with my family, locked myself up in my room.. And this came to me. All I want to say is sorry... ONESHOT/Unbeta-ed

So I'm really gonna leave now! GNITE!!!<333333333333

Mood || Sore]

September 17th, 2007


I've been going through old pictures... Took some to school to show Saskia that she was on them... People recognized her... BUT NOT ME !!!
LOL... I wonder why *cough*...

That was it, off to bed now... nightnight.. ( dammit I hate first period ... lack of sleep BANZAI!)

Mood || Sleepy ]

August 10th, 2007

JunSu took some lessons from JaeJung
Explanatory material:

'nuff said ♥
Wub to BigEast Magazine

Mood || Groggy ]

August 2nd, 2007

So I was bored

Jibbering Utterly Noble Spirited UKE!

Yummy Ultimate Nude Honorable One

Cybersex Holds Absolutely No Glee, More Immersed in NC-17

Young Unique Challenging Hungry Eyed Oshiri Nipping

Joyous And Eagerly Jumping Ukes Naively Giggling

I really should go to sleep... boredom does weird things with my mind ><;
When I started I thought it could be fun... but they turned out so lame...

Ah, I never posted this one.. Made it a while back.. But since today is OTP7/5

~JunSu's butt is juicy and sweet
but sometimes it just can't take the heat
When Jae will fill it up
All througout the night he won't stop
panting, groaning, moaning and a cry
after that all sound will die
shallow breathing is what you'll hear
not only changmin's, who's hiding in the closet full of fear
YunHo and YuCheon will stride through the door
and then the five of them will want some more~

I should do something with this time... and.. i don't even know what it is... I'll call it 'some weird feeling'
no i'm not in love.. shut it  anyway maybe I should just start with English... I still have 5 out of 5 chapters to go GAH...
Oh well, guess they'll be going with me to mallorca..

I need my wife and wife2... Without wife(&2) the best thing I can do is sleep...

*does so*

PS: Wife good luck with driving... FIGHTING!
PS2: (playstation2?) wife2 still raining in finland... come back home soon!
PS3: Should I use a ljcut? >.>;; well... museun~ (yes I watched X-maen again)

Mood || Moody ]

July 16th, 2007

The latest S Mag features our boys.. again....

This time.... on a pile XD

*switches on mic* *echo*
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you! *drumroll*

The SuHoJaeChun pile...
I bet ChangMin is gone to grab the vid-camera ^^

Well. then that's reaaally it =P


Mood || Hot ]
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