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YunSuMin = Smexx...
And you know it ♥



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July 8th, 2007

Femke mag komen!!!!!~

Nog 20 dagen en the wife will be here.. w00000000000000000000000000h00000000000000000t!!!!
For 2 daaaaays~

KYAH zo blij nu XDDDD

M'n moeder zei gewoon in 1 keer ja! WAT????? OMG... PRACHTIG,,,

Sorry for the hyper overload~
Zo happeh nu XD

nog 20 days nog 20 days~


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July 6th, 2007

WIeh~ *dead*

I'm so glad I bought this single~
*talking about summer dream*

Sorry it's so crappy but I had to do it quick quick,, and it gives you kind of an idea on the PV right?

Anyway I'm off.. Gotta get to Nathalie's place..
Bye bye.. sorry for the shortness XDDD

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July 1st, 2007


It's been a long week, but I have finally reached freedom... So I've been on a DongBang Download spree .. and Fanfic catch up spree...
I only have to catch up with 2 weeks of the DBSG LJ comm X"D And then I'm up to date again... lol

Today I've made a vid, because I have been wanting to make vids for a month now, but I didn't have the time...

It's about the 2nd (Korean) Concert =D.... And a YunSu vid is up next, maybe I'll make it this or next week...
I have so much time I've even worked on my website LOL...

Well anyway here you go!:


June 27th, 2007


Sorry for the absence... It's test week *dead*
Well... 2 more days to go...
Ah yeahs, Cut = not safe for work:~

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June 4th, 2007

Title: Happeh Birthday~
Author: yunie133
Band: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: Yoochun X ???? XD
Rating: Light R?
Genre: None, really =/
Disclaimer: I don‘t OWN anybody, this is fiction blahblahblah
Notes: One Shot~ well... I actually did work out the Birthday present for YuCheon idea... In the last minute. Since it’s his birthday for 30 more minutes here in the NL X”D
Oh well Don’t expect to much~  And it's short once again XD

June 3rd, 2007


well... It's almost 12 here.. and it's 06:03:17 in korea ... So I guess Chunnie is about to get up from bed... And they're probably still in Japan,,, which makes it even later..

but anyway this post is for saying:
생일축하합니다 유천-씨!!! 분니맨!! <3
Saengil jughahabnida yucheon-sshi! bunnimaen <3
Bunnimaen as in Bunny man... X"DD

yes well.. anyway he's 21 now!
Which makes him a man! OMG! X"DDDDD
He is completely legal now RAWR

Hehehe I should picspam him now hunh?
I actually had an idea for fiction, but.. no time to write, so i'll do that in like 4 or 5 weeks (all hail school TT_TT)

Definitely not dial-up friendly ^^;;;

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May 28th, 2007



I'm not even gonna say anything
-credit on pic-

May 25th, 2007

Blah 101!

ONE HUNDRED AAAAND one... ekehehe...

Anyway I don't think I ever posted this~
I was just reading it while I was bored in class... so myeah.. Gotta post it up someday ^^v

Title: Secrecy
Author: Yunie
Band: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: Junsu/Yoochun (YooSu!)
Rating: PG ^^
Genre: ...
Disclaimer: I don't OWN anybody, this is fiction blahblahblah
Notes: Everything italic is JunSu thinking... And.. I screwed up tenses and views a lot... The idea too was a lot better than the outcome.
And the fic feels.. Weird to me... (read bottom A/N for more =P)

Myeah,, gotta go now~
Lab ya!

May 10th, 2007


Caterpillars are eww..
It's best to ignore them until they become full-fledged butterflies.
Until that time comes. The sheep will wait.

Players are stupid. They play nice in your face, but without you noticing, they play around with your heart.
And soon enough they'll break it.
You are nothing to them.
Some friends are the same.

Some people forget. Some become senile.
Some just don't want to remember.
Some don't care.
Even though you'd want them to.

Sometimes the world seems to be full.
Other times it can be emptied in no time.
Without you thinking you did anything wrong.
But maybe you did.

Sometimes you work for friends very hard.
Sometimes it takes you years to be good friends.
Sometimes you think you are good friends.
But sometimes, you get thrown away like you are nothing at all.
That's the worst feeling ever.

People say life goes on.
You pursue that same thought.
But that void in your heart won't go away.
I wonder why?

When did saying 'hi' become to much for a 'friend'.
When did it become hard to walk past with saying something.
When did it fall apart.
When did I do something that was so unforgivable that I am no longer worth talking to?
When will that question be answered.
Perhaps never?

If ignoring is the best option.
Why try to say it with words indirectly.
When you can just say it to my face.
If 'friends' fear to face me, they never were my true friend at all.
Even though I thought they were.

It hurts to feel.
It doesn't hurt to think.
I think and think and think.
But I have yet to find an answer.
So, please, do tell..

I'm sorry.......

Annyoung is quick!

Like 2 of 3 days ago my shipment was sent, and it has already arrived XX"DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Even though the description of the shipment method stated  5-15 days.. X"D

I'm so happy... Documentary book is so big (same width as Prince in Prague, but 2/3the length),, and pretty and.... aaaah it has so many good pics of Ho en Su.... And the others.. but I'm a fangirl, so shoot me =P

And of course there's also the bag~ ^^ I'm sooooo gonna try to fit my books into it for school tomorrow kahahhahah
My mom thought the bag was cute X"DDDDD and... frankly speaking.. IT IS ^^
Only in the scube figures on the bag... JaeJung looks mad ... kahaha XD If it were a picture it would be like "you stupid cameraman I don't want this stupid picture,,, *acts like a 6 year old*"
Hehe X"D
The only 'one' 'who' is actually smiling is YunHo XD"DDDD

aaaah still can't shut up about the pretty book ^^
and the VCD was soooooooooooooo random X"D but fun ^^
There's this one pic from yucheon's solo, where you see his back, and the light shining on him... So pwetty!!! *-*!
And one of YunHo with the 'army outfit'... so hot X"D
And yunchun riding a car
And I still think that ChangMin looks like a wicked scientic with the long white coat and his braids XD... but oh well
I haven't even said anything about the PungSeon/Hiyaya concept.. KYAAAH... there's this one pic of YunHo X"DDD Great!
And let's not forget the one where he has cake on his cheek XDDDD
And the 'after concert ' pics are cute too~

I even tried my best in reading their thank you messages... I think I understood some of it ^^ but not all

Oh yeah,, and YuCheon's funny shot X"D

Well I'll take photo's of the thing later, but I got homework now >.>; so yeah

Oh I almost forgot it also has the  'we're so hot with sunglasses pic'... YAY!


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