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It's been a loooong while



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It's been a loooong while

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Since I've posted here ^^;;

Life's been kinda busy with school previously. I did pass my exams and as of a few weeks ago I'm officially a college girl.. HOMG!

I got my high school diploma with an 7.8 average 0=) but I gave up a lot of DongBang for it.
I'm still not quite up to date but I'm getting there.

Anyway I have started my drivers lessons as well, and they eat up 4+hours every week like, GYAH. Though I haven't had a lesson in 4 weeks now because of my holidays and now because of my instuctor's holidays.
Which is good btw 'cause El Cid (introduction week) has just ended and tomorrow I'm leaving for a 3 day camp with my college mates... that I haven't even all met yet.. But oh well..

I thought I had finally gotten rid of my insomnia, cause I was doing pretty good, but now I'm really tired and I can only sleep 7 hours a day max... *dies* So really I have eyebags that drop to the floor. But I'm hanging in there.

I also have a feeling this year will be quiiiiite busy... And that scares me a little. Even though I reaaaaally wanna start learning Korean S2!

As for my DongBang obsession, it is stiiiill there *manseh!* Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou is playing non-stop and I have just quited drooling over A Week Holiday and the Third Live T .... Like Asu Wa Kuru Kara HANDS DOWN JUNSU!
Yes crybaby!

Well, I think those are the biggest changes in my life in a nutshell. (does that saying work in English as well, it does right?XD)

Ah yeah, my parents are changing the living room exactly in the 3 days that I have camp, so when I come back it'll be different.
And the next room that is to be taken care of is MINE! Muhahhaha I already have thought of an idea to put the hanja (kanji) for Dream on my wall... can't wait!

Oh and silently.... I changed my LJ layout and I totally wub it!

PS: Dutch Cassiopeia FIGHTING! Saturday will be the day (for people that don't know DC, there will be a fanmeeting)...

Myeah that's about it BAIBAI!!!!
Annyeonghi gyesehyo!

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