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So I was bored



YunSuMin = Smexx...
And you know it ♥

So I was bored

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Yummy Ultimate Nude Honorable One

Cybersex Holds Absolutely No Glee, More Immersed in NC-17

Young Unique Challenging Hungry Eyed Oshiri Nipping

Joyous And Eagerly Jumping Ukes Naively Giggling

I really should go to sleep... boredom does weird things with my mind ><;
When I started I thought it could be fun... but they turned out so lame...

Ah, I never posted this one.. Made it a while back.. But since today is OTP7/5

~JunSu's butt is juicy and sweet
but sometimes it just can't take the heat
When Jae will fill it up
All througout the night he won't stop
panting, groaning, moaning and a cry
after that all sound will die
shallow breathing is what you'll hear
not only changmin's, who's hiding in the closet full of fear
YunHo and YuCheon will stride through the door
and then the five of them will want some more~

I should do something with this time... and.. i don't even know what it is... I'll call it 'some weird feeling'
no i'm not in love.. shut it  anyway maybe I should just start with English... I still have 5 out of 5 chapters to go GAH...
Oh well, guess they'll be going with me to mallorca..

I need my wife and wife2... Without wife(&2) the best thing I can do is sleep...

*does so*

PS: Wife good luck with driving... FIGHTING!
PS2: (playstation2?) wife2 still raining in finland... come back home soon!
PS3: Should I use a ljcut? >.>;; well... museun~ (yes I watched X-maen again)

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